Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable
what is not so.


A light-dosimeter that records the individual light exposure for relevant groups of people by tracking not only the amount of light over time, but also its composition. A broad research community shall use this enabler device in future studies. Research findings can be used to increase awareness of the influence of light in society, i.e. daylight and artificial light, to support positive and to prevent negative developments.


In addition to emotional and visual responses, light triggers non-visual responses and is closely linked to our health and wellbeing. Due to societal, demographic and technological changes, we no longer follow the natural light/dark cycle, but live in a 24-hour society. Whereas attempts have been made to study the connection between light exposure and human circadian entrainment, the currently available tools leave room for improvement. The Velux Foundation kindly granted funds for a three-year project (Project No. 1134) to address this limitation. In early 2018, work started to enhance a previously developed device to account for the latest advances in sensor technology and to improve its design and user friendliness.


An interdisciplinary team from the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, combining knowledge in light and lighting, electronics, product design, information technology and project management, are co-developing the light-dosimeter with the following partners

current members

IGE -Institute for Building Technology and Energy

Prof. Björn Schrader

Janine Stampfli

Reto Häfliger

CCE - Competence Center Electronics

Prof. Othmar Schälli

Christian Di Battista

Prof. Erich Styger

Chris Zumbühl

Christian Jost

Silvio Emmenegger

former members

Erny Niederberger

Justin Rüssli-Kueh

David Huwyler

Stefan Ineichen


project partner

Dr. Peter Blattner

Head of Optics Laboratory, Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), Switzerland, and President of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

project partner

Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen

Head of Centre for Chronobiology, University of Basel, Switzerland

project partner

Prof. Dr. med. Herbert Plischke

Professorship ‘Light and Health’, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
Engineering and Architecture
Institute for Building Technology and Energy

Technikumstrasse 21
6048 Horw

phone: +41 41 349 33 11


Contact person:

Janine Stampfli
phone: +41 41 349 35 75




EUROSHNET, 12. June 2019, Dresden, Germany

Presentation by Reto Häfliger in cooperation with Anna Dammann from Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN)

"Light dosimeter - recording an individual's light history"


LICHT 2018, 11. September 2018, Davos, Switzerland

Presentation by Prof. Björn Schrader

"Light Dosimeter 2.0"


LIGHT & BUILDING 2018, 22. March 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Presentation by Prof. Björn Schrader

"Light Dosimeter"